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Michael L. Steinberg, J.D.

Prior to becoming a Medicare Hearing Officer and Administrative Hearing Officer (adjudicating disputes involving social service benefits for state agencies), Mr. Steinberg was a nationally known healthcare consultant to medical providers, suppliers and law firms specializing in Medicare and medical issues, with a particular emphasis on reimbursement. He has served as a consultant to the United States House of Representatives, Ways and Means Committee regarding the Medicare Equity Act 2000. He has also held national and international management positions with publicly traded corporations, addressing regulatory affairs and utilization review issues in the healthcare industry as well as serving on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers (NAMES). In addition to being affiliated with numerous state and local associations, Mr. Steinberg has represented suppliers and providers throughout the United States at Medicare Fair Hearings and Administrative Law Judge Hearings for over twenty five years.


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